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What is a hydrosol? Hydrosols are also called flower distillates or essential waters and are the product of a special type of steam distillation. Hydrosols are created in the same process as essential oils but unlike these, hydrosols don’t need to be diluted prior to application as they are much gentler, and don’t need preservatives.

Here at Millstream, we produce hydrosols with the use of handpicked plants and our beautiful copper alembic still. Our hydrosols are the product of pure primary distillation, in contrast to hydrosols that are the by-product of essential oil production. We make small batches to ensure quality, high potency hydrosol-goodness. Our hydrosols may be subject to availability - so be sure to get your hands on a bottle while you can.

The hydrosols are available as blue 50ml atomizer spray bottles for easy use and will last for up to two years if stored in a cool place, out of direct sun. Shake well before use.

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