The Three Week CHallenge

The idea is that if enough of us make small changes, together we can make a big change. We want to help, so we've assembled some ideas for how you can start those changes.

Action is the antidote to anxiety and despair. Climate change feels like an overwhelming inevitability, but if we can find any way to contribute to healing our planet, we can gain a small degree of comfort and feel engaged rather than passive. One ‘theory’ is that we can change our habits if we stick with it for three weeks.

So here’s the challenge: starting with the easiest habits to change, mark the boxes of one or more changes you can work on, and tick any boxes that you are already doing. This gives you an idea of what areas you can work on. Persevere for 3 weeks to cement your new habit, and of course pass the Three Week Challenge on to as many people as you can. 

We'd love to hear your stories and feedback. Either email us ([email protected]) or use the Contact Form.

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