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"As a long time sufferer of psoriasis, particularly round the hairline over winter, I have tried all sorts of products over the years.  I called in to the Otane Cafe and purchased your cream.  What a joy!  It has made such a difference to my skin and is actually a really lovely moisturiser as well :)  Thank You for making such a great product.  Off to purchase another jar :) "  Helen Waddington

"I have found this particular cream to be incredibly effective for my eczema which I have had since a child. I have been using it for approximately 3 weeks and can't believe the difference in my skin condition - thank you so much!!!" - K.H.

"Absolutely beautiful products and will definitely buy again. I noticed even within 24 hrs the "X-zit" cream has improved my skin - I cant believe it." - S.R.

"I wanted to give you feedback on your rosemary rub. I had Carpel Tunnel with lumps all in my wrist that was so sore to touch or even rub cream into it at first, and after using it only for 2months, the lumps are nearly gone, and I have no pain." - L.B.

"Used the Elderflower Ointment on an odd dry discoloured patch of skin. It developed with sun-damage over years, I suspect. The area softened and the darkness has faded with the use of the ointment, I wasn't expecting the result, because it was so gentle, I didn't notice it 'working'. I am very pleased with it, though it has not completely gone, the mark isn't very noticeable and I don't worry about its appearance. More importantly the area is smooth now. Thank you, your products are very valuable in our household, and gentle too." - V.M.

"Love this!!! Was a gift for a friend and have to buy a new one as I have now used some of the plantain & chickweed ointment for myself. Best bee-sting cure EVER!!!" - F.F.

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much, we recently bought your baby's bottom cream after our little girl had had a nappy rash for almost a month. We had tried everything and she wasn't even wearing nappies around the home anymore. Within 2 days of using your cream she had completely cleared up and we haven't had any problems since! We are so grateful to you for making such an awesome product. Thanks!!! - J.M&F

"The Psoriasis cream is great, it stops the itch straight away and lasts all day. I have psoriasis on 80% of my body, it's a nasty condition, the doctors told me I just have to put up with it. They gave me steroid cream that worked for a while then my body got used to it. I started doing a lot of research and found out that steroids are nasty. I've gone gluten free, given up alcohol, gone 80% alkaline foods, it's taken four months but it's starting to go away. I'm going to go back to the doctor and show him I have cured a condition that they told me can't be cured. If any of your clients have it tell them to buy a book called "Healing Psoriasis" by John Pagano. I guarantee  it will help. Your cream and the book saved my life. Cheers Steve"

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